The Iceland Meaning Workshop will bring together a small group of early-career philosophers of language in a remote location in order to share work and collaborate. The workshop will include approximately ten talks, each followed by comments from another participant and questions from the rest. Every attendee will either give or comment on a talk. The schedule will also include plenty of open time for less structured philosophizing.

Participants will include Ashley Atkins, Brian Ball, Nate Charlow, Simon Charlow, Alexander Dinges, Melissa Fusco, Nat Hansen, Daniel Harris, Thomas Hodgson, Marija Jankovic, Eliot Michaelson, Rachel McKinney, Matt Moss, Jessica Pepp, David Pereplyotchik, Kate Ritchie, Anders Schoubye, Rachel Sterken, Andreas Stokke, Elmar Unnsteinsson, Jack Woods, and Julia Zakkou. (This list is not yet final.)

We are lucky enough to be able to host this workshop at Skálholt, which was seat of the Icelandic bishops from 1056. It's also where the last catholic bishop, as well as his two sons, were beheaded in 1550 during what's popularly known as the 'reformation'. Now it's basically an educational center for clergy of the National Church.