The church of Skálholt was the seat of the Icelandic bishops from 1056. It's also where the last catholic bishop, as well as his two sons, were beheaded in 1550 during what's popularly known as the 'reformation'. Now it's basically an educational center for clergy of the National Church.

It takes one and a half hour to drive to Skálholt from Reykjavík. The venue is fairly isolated, unless we use a car or bus, but fully equipped with a restaurant and conference facilities. From Skálholt it is easy to drive to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland: Gullfoss, Geysir, Þingvellir, Laugarvatn, Reynisfjara, Seljalandsfoss, Seljavallalaug, Skógafoss, Reykjadalur, Friðheimar.

When to arrive and depart

We have arranged for a bus to take everyone from Reykjavík to Skálholt. It leaves at 8:30pm on Sunday, the 12th, from Hallgrímskirkja. Hallgrímskirkja is in the city centre and close to a lot of restaurants. It is also very close to BSI Bus Terminal (walking distance) which is the terminal used by So you can get there by taking a flybus from the airport to downtown Reykjavík. The bus will take us back from Skálholt to Reykjavík on the morning to Saturday, August 18th

If you're not taking the bus, you'll need to arrive at Skálholt no later than 14:00 on Monday the 13th and leave no earlier 18:00 of Friday the 18th in order to be at all of the talks. We have booked the accommodations at Skálholt for Saturday, 18 August, and so participants are free to stay as late as Sunday morning.

Between Reykjavík and Skálholt

Renting a car is a good idea if you plan to explore Iceland and also to travel between Reykjavík and Skálholt if you're not taking the bus. We know that there will be at least a couple of cars at Skálholt.

Please inform Elmar about your travel plans when you can, this will help with coordinating.

Food and Drink

The restaurant and food service in Skálholt is, in my memory, quite adequate (but Elmar was there 15 years ago). We will get breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Coffee and tea is available all day. Drinks are available too at the bar. Dietary restrictions will be accommodated but we need information about it in advance from everyone.

Participants are encouraged to buy alcoholic drinks in duty free at the airport on arrival. Alcohol is forbiddingly expensive in Iceland due to a tax which is directly proportional to the drink's ABV percentage. So, especially if you want a stiff drink, buy at airport. Make sure not to take more than you're allowed to; you'll find a poster in-store explaining your personal liquor-quota with annoying precision.

Sleeping Arrangments

Inside Skálholt School there are 18 rooms for two people that can also be used as single rooms. Each has a bathroom. We plan also to rent Selið which a house attached to the School, with 5 extra rooms (again shared or single), and two shared bathrooms. Selið also has a kitchen and living room area. Participants are welcome to bring friends, family, children. The rooms are small, however, but I'm told everyone can be accommodated. Please don't hesitate to ask Elmar if you need more specific information.