The Ontario Meaning Workshop will bring together a small group of early-career philosophers of language in a remote location in order to share work and collaborate. The workshop will include approximately ten talks, each followed by comments from another participant and questions from the rest. The schedule will also include plenty of open time for less structured philosophizing.

Participants will include Brian Ball, Justin Bledin, David Boylan, Nate Charlow, Simon Charlow, Alexander Dinges, Nat Hansen, Daniel Harris, Megan Hyska, Jessica Keiser, Brian Leahy, Eliot Michaelson, Rachel McKinney, David Pereplyotchik, Kate Ritchie, Rachel Sterken, Elmar Unnsteinsson, Jack Woods, and Julia Zakkou.

The workshop will take place at Long Point Eco-Adventures, near Turkey Point, Ontario, which is a glamping retreat near Lake Ontario. Our accommodation costs will be subsidized by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.