The Nova Scotia Meaning Workshop will bring together a small group of early-career philosophers of language in a remote location in order to share work and collaborate. Each participant will have an hour and a half to present a paper and get feedback. The schedule will also include plenty of open time for less structured philosophizing.

Participants will include Ashley Atkins, Brian Ball, Nate Charlow, Simon Charlow, Dan Harris, Marija Jankovic, Karen Lewis, Rachel McKinney, Eliot Michaelson, David Pereplyotchik, Kate Ritchie, Elmar Unnsteinsson, Jack Woods. (This list is not quite final.)

We are lucky enough to be able to host this workshop at Shobac, formerly a site for experimentation in contemporary architecture and currently a cluster of beautiful buildings that are available for events like ours. (This book is about the site's history.)

We've booked Shobac's four cottages and studio, which are the five buildings that are clustered together at the center of this aerial photo of the site: